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Post by DANGEROUS TIGER » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:53 pm

This, I believe, is the right way forward. Definately a good idea, but can it be implemented successfully. I hope so.


Post by Guest » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:51 pm

:D hello, Im a POLICE CADET, in Hertfordshire, theres 26 of us alltogether, and 7 leaders, 4 of which are police officers and 1 works in scientific services, been doing it for 2 years and am definately going for Police.
PCSO cadets is a good idea.. but we have all PCSO and more stuff covered in Police Cadets, as well as a national comp this year where herts came 3rd
The MET have something like 25 teams, with an average of 40 in each.. thats a lot of cadets! lol

any1 need to know anything but police cadets mcmushroom@hotmail.com

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Post by JCH » Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:46 pm

It was a shame they stopped the Police Cadet scheme in most forces, glad to see some forces are starting the scheme up again. Probably stopped due to financial reasons

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Post by falkor » Sat Oct 28, 2006 9:32 am

Police recruit teenagers in battle against crime
28 October 2006
TEENAGERS from Camden are being invited to become junior police constables.

Camden police are launching a volunteer cadet corps to give youngsters the chance to help to police events as well as going on courses and learning key skills.

The first meeting of the Camden Cadets, next Thursday at Swiss Cottage School, is open to boys and girls aged 14 to 19.

Sergeant Deirdre Matthews, who is running the scheme, said: "The idea is to give young people an insight into policing and to teach them vital skills including emergency life support, police powers and major incident training.

"They'll take part in outward-bound activities and camps and meet other cadet corps."

Camden is one of the last London boroughs to get its own youth cadet force and to keep it free for kids, cash has been provided by the Camden Council and police.

The money will cover the cost of uniforms and allow cadets to take part in activities such as abseiling, kayaking and paint-balling.

Meetings will be staffed by police volunteers, including Kilburn Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Carly Driscoll. She said: "This is an ideal way for us to spend time with the youths in our ward and to let them know what we're about - and that we're human beings.

"Sometimes young people have a stereotype of police officers and it would be nice to see if we could change that a bit.

"It's also about giving them something fun to do - we spend a lot of time chatting to youths on patrol and part of the problem is there's not much for them to do, so I think this is really worthwhile."

Once cadets have completed a 10-week induction they will be able to assist police at special events including the London Marathon, film premieres and the Remembrance Day parade.

There are already more than 900 youth cadets across London. One 15-year-old cadet from the Westminster branch said: "The staff are brilliant and it's a good opportunity to meet people. Kids who don't have many friends can come and make friends - there's a really good atmosphere like that.

"We don't mind when the staff tell us what to do because they treat us like adults. They actually listen to us. Any time we have problems we can talk to them privately, which really helps.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do but now I want to work in the police."

Young people interested in joining the Camden Cadets should contact Deirdre Matthews on 07789 653 284 or speak to their Safer Schools Officer.

editorial@hamhigh.co.uk > > Ham&High24

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Post by sueb » Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:35 pm

it'll never happen were i am they wont even let us set up the police cadets they used to have.

tried that and was rejected they said 'not enough funding'

but hello to those succesfull in the role.


Post by Sean » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:22 pm

Shaun o I don't know whether Rowan replied but sadly the PCSC scheme in Surrey disbanded. He did mention that there may have been another scheme in the pipeline for Surrey, but I don't know whether that ever happened.

Needless to say I think it's an excellent achievement by Rowan - there's not many people who can apporoach a police force with an idea like that and actually have it happen, albeit even if it didn't last long.

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shaun o
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Post by shaun o » Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:16 pm

sean, Thanks for letting me know. I never did get a reply from him, he kinda just vanished... Do you know him?? it would be good if he came back to the site...

Thanks again..

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Post by sheddy_2 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:34 pm

Rowan wrote:Hi there evryone :D ,

I am the person responsible for starting up the Police Community Support Cadets un Surrey. After a long a grolling up hill fight I finally got a Cadet Force set up in Surrey. At the moment it is only small however it will be expanded across the county now the trial has been proved a sucsse.

This website is an excellent tool for PCSO's across the country to chat. There are forums for Police Officers, Police Specials and Police Cadets (I got the competition for that going!! :twisted: ) but now there is a dedicated forum for PCSO's.

I feel privlaged to work alongside PCSO's, PC's reguar and special and help to keep the streets of Surrey the safest in the United Kingdom.

I recommend these site http://www.policecadets.cjb.net and http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk Have fun everyone.

what agreat thing to set up weldone matey
Kind Regard's

Application posted: 13th September 2007

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Post by Deanmrb » Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:14 pm

good idea, it would be nice if people could get behind new ideas instead of always trying to knock them down

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Re: PCSO cadets

Post by falkor » Thu Apr 17, 2008 2:04 pm

well done Rowan but now Ken is trying to get in on the act

A police cadet force in every high school under Mayor's youth manifesto
Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor
Police cadet forces in every London secondary school and half-price travel for teenagers in their first job were promised by Ken Livingstone today as he unveiled his youth manifesto.

The Mayor's wide-ranging New Deal for Young Londoners also includes plans for an Oystercard-type scheme to help parents pay for childcare, gun and knife scanners for schools and cheaper Tube fares for students.

With suicide the largest single cause of death of 15-25-year-olds in the capital, the manifesto promises to set up a London-wide network of mental health counsellors specifically trained to deal with younger adults.

In a pitch for the youth vote that could ensure his re-election, Mr Livingstone said nearly all his policies - from tackling climate change to building more homes - were aimed at the under-25s.

Some 350,000 people will vote for the first time in the mayoral elections on 1 May and Labour believes it has a healthy lead among younger voters.

The Metropolitan Police cadets pledge will roll out across London a scheme that allows young people to prepare for a career with the force while building discipline within state schools.

Today's New Deal plan promised to double spending on youth services to £79million in the next two years, mainly to give teenagers alternatives to a life of crime.

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Re: PCSO cadets

Post by tommy » Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:45 pm

I don't know if anyone knows,


What are the difference between Police Cadels and PCSC's? Do they have any powers?
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Re: PCSO cadets

Post by joseph » Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:13 am

PCSO have power.where cadets do not

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Re: PCSO cadets

Post by falkor » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:00 pm

The weekly meeting of the Met’s Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) is often the picture of teamwork. from FEB 2010 issue of THE JOB

The discipline of the drill quickly builds a sense of belonging and then the young people get enthusiastically stuck into the evening’s activities.

Tonight the cadets take part in team sports and training sessions in which they learn about police work and neighbourhood crime prevention.
The scene embodies everything the VPC stands for. Chief Inspector Ed Sherry,VPC coordinator, says: “The VPC ethos is ‘It’s not where you’re from, but where you want to go.’
[img]http://policecommunitysupportofficer.co ... etsMET.jpg[/img] MET cadet corps 2010
“It is all based around the values of the Met – working together to build stronger, safer communities, being inclusive and standing for justice and fairness.”

Westminster VPC leader PC Simon Cham adds: “The cadets reflect the communities of their particular borough. BecauseWestminster is highly multicultural, so too are our cadets. The VPC provides them with opportunities to have fun, learn and develop. Our young people may be from different backgrounds, but as police cadets they join in together and they support each other.”

There is at least one cadet corps in each of the 32 boroughs of the MPS.
The VPC has been running for more than 21 years and in June 2009, 1,200 cadets celebrated this milestone with a spectacular procession at Horse Guards Parade. The event symbolised the way the VPC is developing the capital’s youth. “It was a great day, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

job hunter

Re: PCSO cadets

Post by job hunter » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:11 am

The Junior Volunteer Police Cadets programme launches tomorrow, with youngsters aged from 10 to 13 invited to take part in a programme which teaches them life skills, social responsibility and is aimed at building positive relationships with the police.

The programme will be led by senior volunteer police cadets (VPC) and cadet leaders who have been coached and trained in mentoring and leadership.

The youth cadets will join the ranks for the VPC, a uniformed voluntary youth organisation supported by the Metropolitan Police which is open to 13-18-year-olds from across London.

Haringey borough commander, Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa said: “The Junior Volunteer Police Cadet Programme is an example of Haringey’s dedication and passion to invest in the relationships between police and young persons in the borough Haringey. I am excited that Haringey is leading the MPS to deliver this programme.”

The programme is aimed to provide safe, consistent activity for volunteers as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. It will also involve junior and senior cadets working together to address key issues in their community.

The programme launches in connection to a campaign to recruit hundreds more volunteer police cadet leaders to help make a difference to the lives of young adults across London.

Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey, MPS lead for the VPC, said: “The police cadets have become an integral part of the Met family and I am very proud of the work they do all across London. We want to build upon their success and involve more young people in the programme, but we can’t do that without recruiting more cadet leaders

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